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Fed Now is A news and educational platform focused on sharing the latest updates on the Fed Now government program.

Our platform aims to educate the public about the program, which is set to launch on July 1st. We are not associated with the federal reserve or any government entity. $FED Now has a strong and passionate community of like-minded individuals who understand the significance of the Fed Now program. Through their support on social media and other channels, they help us spread our message far and wide. To enhance the value of our platform and reward our community, we have designed the $FED token to have deflationary tokenomics and to reward all holders.

Total Supply
0 Billion


33% gets burned Starting on July 1st, we will initiate a slow supply burn, whereby 33% of the total supply will be burned gradually over 33 days, at a rate of 1% per day. This process aims to reduce the token supply, making it deflationary, increase scarcity, and potentially drive up the token’s value.


44% of the supply goes into the liquidity pool (LP) to ensure liquidity and facilitate trading.


11% of the supply is allocated for staking rewards, incentivizing token holders to participate in the network and contribute to its growth.


8% of the supply is allocated for airdrops to reward our loyal token holders


4% of the supply is allocated for development and marketing efforts to continuously improve and promote the $FED Now platform.

The $FED token serves as the utility and reward mechanism within the $FED Now ecosystem. With every buy and sell transaction, a 8% tax is applied. The breakdown of this tax is as follows:

2% is distributed as $BUSD rewards to all $FED holders. This incentivizes token holders to maintain and grow their holdings, as they will receive additional $BUSD tokens automatically sent to their wallets through our smart contract.
0 %
2% is added to the auto liquidity pool, ensuring there is a sufficient liquidity reserve to support trading activities and provide stability to the $FED token.
0 %
4% is allocated for marketing and development efforts. These funds are used to expand the reach of the $FED Now platform, enhance user experience, and drive community engagement through strategic marketing campaigns and ongoing development initiatives.
0 %

Our commitment to transparency and security is evident in our plans to lock a significant portion of our token 44% into LP in a secure smart contract & lock.

This measure helps to safeguard the interests of our community members and promotes stability within the $FED ecosystem.

Furthermore, we believe in open-source principles, and as such, we will share the $FED token contract publicly.

This allows our community and external parties to review and verify the security and functionality of the token contract.

We provide information on the Fed Now government program and its significance in the financial landscape.

We emphasize our commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the program through our $FED Now platform.

$FED Now’s Mission and Vision: We outline our mission to educate and inform the public about the Fed Now program, promoting financial literacy and empowerment.

Our vision is to become a trusted source of information and a catalyst for positive change in the financial industry.

Phase 1

Platform Launch and Community Building: We will launch the $FED Now platform, focusing on providing up-to-date news and educational content about the Fed Now government program. Simultaneously, we will actively build and nurture our community through social media channels, forums, and interactive features on our website.

Phase 2

Enhanced Features and User Experience: We will continuously improve the $FED Now platform based on user feedback, introducing advanced features such as language localization, and accessibility enhancements to cater to a global audience.

Phase 3

AI Honey Pot and Malicious Token Contract Checker Automation: We will develop advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect and prevent potential scams and malicious token contracts. This automation will help protect our community by analyzing token contracts and identifying any suspicious or malicious activities, ensuring the safety and integrity of our ecosystem

Phase 4

FEDEX (Decentralized Exchange): We will launch our own decentralized exchange (DEX), offering a secure and efficient trading platform for $FED token holders and the wider community. The DEX will leverage cutting-edge technology and employ liquidity aggregation mechanisms to provide optimal trading experiences and foster a vibrant trading ecosystem.

$FED Now is committed to delivering a secure and informative platform for individuals interested in the Fed Now government program. Through our news updates, educational content, and engaged community, we aim to empower users with valuable insights and foster a deeper understanding of the program’s impact.

With a deflationary token structure, strong tokenomics, and a focus on community-driven growth, $FED Now aims to create long-term value for token holders. Our roadmap emphasizes continuous development, including the introduction of advanced AI algorithms for scam detection and the launch of a decentralized exchange.

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to be at the forefront of the Fed Now revolution, delivering meaningful information and innovative solutions to our community and beyond.

Disclaimers: We make it clear that while we provide information about the Fed Now government program, we are an independent entity and not associated with the federal reserve or any government organization.

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